By engaging with our customers and understanding their needs we deliver a consultative approach to provide savings and add value to your procurement.

Benefits of consultancy

A significant amount of money is spent on capital projects, goods and services. Larger projects are often complex and strategic and supplier assurance is essential across all spending. That's where specialist help is essential.

Personal approach that transforms

  • Investigation

    We investigate and engage with your key stakeholders and decision makers to understand the way in which your organisation currently purchase products and the processes you have in place.

  • Identification

    After investigation, we create a report to bring together the information we have gathered and that identifies key recommendations to enable greater control of purchasing decisions whilst reducing costs and staff time as appropriate.

  • Implementation

    You will now be in a position to know where to focus resources to get the best results. To realise this, the next steps will involve a mix of time spent re-tendering existing contracts, putting in place new contracts through competitive tenders, recommending changing some of the internal processes to make the procurement process simpler and easier to operate and training staff on the new processes, the new contracts and the value and reasons for the change.

Consultancy services

We offer a wide range of consultancy services which includes: benchmarking, policy advice, strategic procurement, project management, tender management, contract management and training.