Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

2buy2 are supporting the PPE requirements of organisations throughout the UK by creating a PPE buying group. 2buy2 are working with international procurement experts Crown Agents to ensure organisations have access to competitively priced supplies that are sourced from audited supply chains to ensure quality and ethical supply.

Until the close of this aggregation

Aggregation Timetable  

EOI Deadline  

The closing date for the 2nd PPE aggregation is 6pm Wednesday 29th July. Funds must be deposited into the holding account by this date for you to be included in the procurement exercise. If deposited after this date you will still be eligible for future aggregations. Estimated delivery is within 8 weeks.



We are working with global procurement organisation, Crown Agents to source these goods and deliver them to you. Working with Crown Agents allows us access to supply chain experts that specialise in the procurement of PPE and logistics.

Due Diligence

We are ensuring sources producing the goods have undertaken: Financial due diligence checks; Ethical/CSR Auditing and Production site inspections.


All orders will be inspected prior to shipment to the UK to ensure they meet the expected specifications and standards.

Responsible Procurement
We have worked with Crown Agents to develop supply chains outside of the UK healthcare sector to ensure that stocks aren't diverted from fundamental NHS and Care Sector functions.
Running an aggregated procurement allows us to pool the bulk buying power of a number of organisations to achieve greater economies of scale and obtain competitive prices.
Security of Supply

This aggregated procurement enables availability of product for your organisation which is crucial during times where there is such high demand for PPE products.

Order Process

1. Completion of EOI
Complete the expression of interest (EOI) form indicating your PPE requirements for the next 3-6 months and pay for them by bank transfer for the total amount. Funds will be held in a secure holding account. If you require multiple delivery addresses, a customer service representative will contact you to help complete a pro forma, splitting the desired quantities per required delivery address.
2. Consolidation of all EOIs
Once the expression of interest period has ended 2buy2 will consolidate all EOI’s so customers can benefit from their economies of scale.
3. Placement of Order
The procurement process will be run by Crown Agents on behalf of 2buy2 and the orders will be confirmed.
4. Order confirmation and delivery date
Order confirmation and delivery date
5. Delivery of your order
Order delivered to your organisation.


Who are Crown Agents?

Crown Agents are a not-for-profit business which empowers leaders to accelerate self-sufficiency and prosperity for their communities, businesses, institutions and countries. Their experience in procurement and logistics provides the knowledge, systems and last-mile expertise needed to source and move goods. They are acting as a sub agent of 2buy2 for this project and will be responsible for the procurement and logistical operations of this PPE aggregated procurement project.

When should I expect to receive delivery?

You will receive email notifications detailing specific delivery dates however, we anticipate that the delivery date will be 6-8 weeks from the closing date of the Expression of Interest.

Can I have separate delivery points?
Yes. If you are procuring centrally and require multiple delivery points, we suggest that you complete a single Expression of Interest form with total quantities for all sites involved and deposit the total amount into the holding account. You will receive a pro forma spreadsheet to submit your differing delivery addresses and quantities of PPE required at each address.
Why do we need to deposit money in advance?

In order to react to market opportunities and to obtain the best prices, we may need to act quickly to secure quotes and place orders with suppliers. Having an upfront commitment in terms of a deposit allows us to do this and prevents us from missing out on orders.

Having the upfront commitment also gives us an exact idea of quantities giving us a better position in which to negotiate with the supplier.

Where do I purchase other items relating to COVID-19?

If you require hand sanitiser, cleaning products or social distancing signage and equipment, then we can also help. Please visit: Hygiene and Cleaning.

What is included in the cost?

The costs include the cost of goods, as well as a commission fee for Crown Agents to cover the costs of procurement, import and delivery and a commission fee for 2buy2 for facilitating the aggregation process. A split of each of the fees will be clearly displayed on your final invoice.

Is there a minimum order value?

In order to make this aggregated procurement as cost effective as possible please note there is a minimum order value of £200.

We are advising each customer to secure at least three months’ worth of stock per order. If budget or stock holding facilities do not make this possible then you are able to purchase in smaller amounts however please note the minimum order value.

If your total order is below the minimum order value, then we can still help you via our Cleaning and Hygiene product offering. Hygiene and Cleaning.

Is the price displayed the price I will pay?

The price displayed on the Expression of Interest form is an indicative price only. We have a good idea of the price as Crown Agents have a team of procurement experts that are continuously procuring these items, however there are a number of variables that we have to factor in which may fluctuate between now and your order being confirmed. Therefore our indicative price takes conservative estimates on various cost elements such as material costs, volumes, air freight and exchange rates to give you an estimate on the maximum price you will pay.

What happens to my deposit if prices change in the time between submitting my deposit and the order being secured?

We have estimated costs conservatively so are confident that prices will not fluctuate to an extent where there is a negative impact on the deposit and order quantities, however in the unlikely event that prices rise over what we have estimated, we will revise your order quantities accordingly to match budget. We will never exceed your budget or the amount deposited.

If the prices fluctuate to an extent where your deposit exceeded the quantities specified you have two options:

  1. We can either refund you the difference via bank transfer;
  2. or You can leave the excess amount in the holding account and let it roll into a future aggregation.
If I miss the deadline can I join a future aggregated procurement?
Yes. There will be an ongoing programme of Aggregated Procurements for PPE so if you miss a deadline you can always express interest in the next iteration so please keep a look out for this on the website.