Why should my organisation use this service?

We are confident that we can save you time and money on various core spends, as a result of becoming a member. We will also ensure you go into fair contracts, backed up by excellent customer service. Thousands of organisations already benefit from using 2buy2 for their purchasing and we welcome the opportunity to support the new organisations that join us every month.

Why do you charge for membership?

We want to provide an excellent service and to do that we need to hire the best people, whether that’s procurement professionals who secure agreements with suppliers, customer service people who work tirelessly to respond to our member’s requests or our relationship managers to support you and ensure you get the most from your membership. The aim is always to make the process of purchasing as simple as possible. We can assure you we keep our membership prices as reasonable as possible in order that your overall savings through buying with us far outweighs any membership costs.

Will we need to sign up to contracts?

In some cases suppliers need a commitment for a certain length of time – leasing a photocopier for example. In other cases, electricity or gas, you can choose whether you want to fix the price for a period of time, or whether you would rather have a shorter 28 day contract. On others, you can use the deal as and when you want to – fire safety or office products, for example.

I’ve been a 2buy2 member before 1 November 2016. What changes?

If you have existing contracts with 2buy2 these will continue as previously arranged and you will automatically be provided with free access to our other supplier contracts for the first 12 months from 1st November 2016. From 1st November 2017 you will be required to pay the annual membership fee to continue using 2buy2. If in the meantime you would like to utilise further contracts or for us to provide you with a Purchasing Health Check please contact us to discuss how we can support you in reducing your costs further.

How do I check if I'm already registered with 2buy2?

Prior to October 2016 it was possible to view the contracts available through 2buy2 by registering for free on our website. If you registered during this time, you should have had an email confirming your registration. If you are unable to find this email, you can call our customer service team on 03333 201 015 and they can check to see if you’re registered with us.

Who do I pay? Is my contract with 2buy2 or the supplier?

In terms of membership to have access to the buying group and all its benefits, payment is made to 2buy2. In terms of buying products and services from our carefully chosen suppliers, payment terms are agreed between you and the supplier directly and in many cases we have pre-arranged specific payment terms in place to simplify the purchasing process.

Can I suggest ideas for improvement or new deals?

Please do! We really value feedback and always look to find ways to improve our service. Email your suggestions to enquiries@2buy2.com.

How do I find out more?/ I still have some questions

If you require more information than what is currently on our website, please feel free to contact us either by email: enquiries@2buy2.com or call our dedicated Customer Service team on 03333 201 015.