Contract management

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2buy2 | Contract Management

What is contract management?

Even though many organisations are aware of the importance of contract management and spend considerable effort in setting up contracts, the failure to effectively monitor progress means that contracts ultimately fall short of what was expected from the outset.

Our team has 60 years of professional procurement knowledge and experience between them. They know how to get the best deals for our members while ensuring that the agreement levels for customer service is of a high standard.

2buy2 provide a Contract Management service where you can access our various category spends (e.g. photocopying, office products, energy etc.) with pre-negotiated prices, managed and monitored by our procurement team of experts.
Our contract management service allows you to manage all your contract renewals by having a central repository for all your contract information.
Also when it is time for renewal 2buy2 can liaise with you to determine the best route to market and provide the necessary help and support in sourcing a new contract that maximises value for money.

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