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Good stewardship not only includes how much money we spend but also what we spend it on. A growing number of charities are looking to source their energy from renewable supplies. With this in mind 2buy2 offer a green energy option.

A recent price benchmarking exercise demonstrated the green energy prices negotiated for 2buy2 members to be very competitive. Switching to green energy is simple but it makes a big difference, significantly cutting your carbon footprint. Our approved supplier works with hundreds of pioneering businesses and organisations, including Friends of the Earth, Sustrans, Christian Aid and Tearfund, who are helping to tackle climate change with their energy bills.

Benefits for your charity

  • 100% renewable electricity generated from the sun and the sea, the wind and water from market leading UK suppliers.
  • Our approved suppliers support small-scale independent generation as well as investing in new sources of renewables.
  • Approved suppliers hold a vast array of industry awards between them including Which? Best Energy Company 2015 and 2016 British Renewable Energy Awards for Company of the Year and Customer Service Recognition.
  • We can offer you 28-day rolling electricity tariffs as well as dual fuel and fixed term options.

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Domestic switch

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Want to save money on your home energy? We have recently launched a domestic switching service. Click the 'Get a quote' button below to complete the easy online form and see how much you could save.

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2buy2 | Gemma, Customer service team
2buy2 | Gemma, Customer service team

Gemma, Customer Service team

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