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2buy2 | Energy

2buy2 offers you a range of energy solutions, including gas, electricity and oil. We can also provide green energy options at competitive rates.

Energy is a significant spend for all charities.Good pricing is very important, as is contract management to ensure tariffs remain competitive and sites are not “rolled over” into uncompetitive contracts. 2buy2 offers your organisation both.

Domestic switch

2buy2 | Energy

Want to save money on your home energy? We have recently launched a domestic switching service. Click the 'Get a quote' button below to complete the easy online form and see how much you could save.

We're here to help

Contact us to find out more about how we can make ordering energy for your charity simpler and more cost-effective through 2buy2.

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2buy2 | Gemma, Customer service team
2buy2 | Gemma, Customer service team

Gemma, Customer Service team

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