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Long life, low watts, low cost lighting

2buy2 | LED Lighting

Buildings need to be well lit in order to be welcoming and safe, but the cost to the environment and the budget for regular lighting is high. 2buy2’s LED lighting contract offers an environmental and long-term cost benefit for businesses seeking to make the switch.

We have a range of suppliers with the ability to cater for all your lighting requirements, whether that be for the supply of a single fitting or a complete refurbishment of existing lighting, our suppliers can provide a value for money solution.

Below you’ll find information on the benefits available through 2buy2 and an indication of the range of products you can purchase. Our current suppliers for LED lighting have experience and expertise in the business sector and can offer discounts off their standard pricing.

Benefits for your business

  • Up to 25% off all product ranges
  • Surveys and evaluations of existing lighting
  • Reporting on savings made in pounds (£) and CO2
  • Post-installation support
  • Proposals for replacement of lamps or complete fittings
  • Commercial lighting suitable for all your premises
  • Products from industry leading suppliers and reputable brands
  • Wide range of internal and external lighting products

2buy2 | Led-lighting

Products include:

  • Spotlights
  • Tube lights
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Capsule lights
  • Candle lamps
  • Golf ball lamps
  • GLS lamps
  • Picture lamps
  • LED handrail
  • Enhancement lighting
  • LED bollard
  • Architectural

Savings made

2buy2 | £10 million saved

Since 2012, we've helped organisations save over £10 million on their operational costs such as energy, telecoms, photocopying,
fire safety and office products.

We're here to help

Contact us to find out more about how we can make ordering LED lighting for your business simpler and more cost-effective through 2buy2.

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2buy2 | Gemma, Customer service team
2buy2 | Gemma, Customer service team

Gemma, Customer Service team

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