2buy2 was created to support UK churches spending too much time and money on operational costs. This service was soon extended to meet demands by the business, charity and schools sectors. Since 2011, we have grown significantly with more than 15,000 members.
2buy2 | Rob Kissick
2buy2 | Andrew Thomas

We work on behalf of our clients throughout the UK to secure financial savings on their day-to-day costs - enabling them to use that money where it matters most. We also save them time by providing a professional procurement service to vet suppliers and get the best deals. Our highest priority is to provide excellent customer service to all our members and focus on achieving savings in the prevalent purchasing areas including energy, IT, telecoms, office products, and photocopying.

The real plus of our service is our buying power, as a result of having a large membership. By uniting the buying power of our members, they receive quality products and services at specially negotiated prices. This is matched with excellent customer service at every point in the client's needs.